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Rubies Fall

Rubies Fall - Rebecca M. Gibson Just like with its predecessor, I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Rubies Fall. What I thought was interesting about this book is that while it's a sequel, it follows the protagonist from the first volume's son, leaving a berth of nearly twenty years between them. I knew I would like this book before I even began reading it as I'm immensely interested in stories set during both the First and Second World Wars. Gray's story was heartwrenching but also necessary in many ways, as I felt it really dealt with the subject of PTSD quite well. Seeing how it affected not only him but the secondary characters was an emotional ride that I won't soon forget. I'm always a bit of a sucker for a tear-jerker, but I'll admit that I'm glad there was a ray of happiness at the end of this otherwise sad tale. Another enjoyable tale from newcomer Gibson. I look forward to seeing what else she produces in the future.